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Section 8 Tenant Resources

WAHC assists applicants and tenants of HUD Project Based Section 8 properties by ensuring that their applications and their tenancies are administered and provided in accordance with HUD requirements. Applicants and tenants should refer to these resources when experiencing problems at any of the Nevada properties WAHC oversees.

Homeless Prevention Program

The Homeless Prevention Program was created by Washoe Affordable Housing Corporation in June 2017. WAHC self-funds the program through program income from other organizational activities, and receives matching funds from the Nevada Housing Division's (NHD) Low-Income Housing Trust Fund.

Washoe Affordable Housing Corporation (WAHC) is a nonprofit corporation created by the Reno Housing Authority.  WAHC administers affordable housing programs that assist low-income individuals and families across the state of Nevada.  

Since 2000, WAHC has carried out the contract administration of Project-Based Section 8 (PBS8) properties throughout the state of Nevada. WAHC provides oversight of these affordable properties ensuring that owners and agents comply with federal regulation. A talented, professional staff conducts monitoring reviews of the assigned properties and carries out the various contract responsibilities.

In 2017, WAHC created the Homeless Prevention Program to assist low-income families in jeopardy of homelessness due to temporary financial hardship and to assist families who are facing high rent increases.


Amy J. Jones

Amy J. Jones


Executive Director Amy Jones was appointed by the Board of Commissioners upon the retirement of David Morton in April 2015. Ms. Jones was most recently the Director of Rental Assistance at the Housing Authority of the City of Reno and has held several other positions since joining the Authority in 2005.

Hillary Schieve

Hillary Schieve


Hillary brings to the Council her entrepreneurial experience as an employer and local business owner, as well as her out-of-the-box thinking which helped her businesses prosper during the economic downturn. Hillary is the owner and operator of three businesses in the City of Reno. She wants to use her business knowledge to help eliminate bureaucratic red tape and spur job creation.

Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan

Vice President

Vice President Mark Sullivan is passionate about helping those in need which is shown in his dedication and enthusiasm for the Reno Housing Authority. Mark’s background stems from the construction industry, moving quickly into local government affairs that included legislation for the Associated General Contractors (AGC) and lobbying for contractors.

In his commitment to help others, Mark was instrumental as one of the four founders of Reno’s ACE High School. The charter high school specializes in career and technical education through practical hands on applications. The school, through its students, builds a house a year and with proceeds going toward funding of additional building trade projects.

Mark is a true believer in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that states our most basic needs are food, clothing, and shelter. His goal, as a RHA Board member, is to identify the housing gaps in our community and focus on filling those through the efforts of RHA. Mark is grateful for the hard work the RHA staff does and their dedication to helping others.

Barbara Wilhelms

Barbara Wilhelms


Barbara is RHA’s Resident Board member living at one of our Public Housing sites for the past 16 years. She earned her college degree in Social Work and worked at the Northern Nevada Children’s Home supervising 10 children ages 5 to 18 years old. Barbara spent time working at the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Food and Nutrition Services offices as she and her husband moved around during his military career. You could say that working with children in need has been her life’s passion. Now in her retirement, Barbara continues to offer her time to those in need through her complex’s Resident Council as past president and past Tenant Representative and as a past member of the RHA’s Resident Advisory Board. Barbara’s deep commitment to the RHA stems from her desire to stay engaged and to be involved in decisions that affect her neighbors and her friends.

Dave Aiazzi

Board Member



Brenda Freestone

Acting Contract Administrator

Brenda has held WAHC’s Acting Contract Administrator position since August 2019.

Eugene Weight

Compliance Auditor

Eugene Weight III is the Compliance Auditor at Washoe Affordable Housing Corporation (WAHC). He has been with WAHC for eight years. He conducts Management and Occupancy Reviews for the 37 properties that WAHC oversees in their portfolio and assists with the resolution of tenant health and safety concerns. Eugene has assisted with the Homeless Prevention Program that was created by WAHC in June 2017. This program works in conjunction with other organizational activities and the Nevada Housing Division (NHD) Low-Income Housing Trust Fund. Eugene spent time with the Reno Housing Authority working in the Admissions and Housing Choice Voucher Departments. Eugene was born and raised in Reno, NV and graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno and holds an MBA from Morrison University.

Linda Lorring

Program Assistant

Linda Lorring is a Program Assistant for Washoe Affordable Housing Corporation. She has been with WAHC for 17 years. She processes monthly Housing Assistance Payments vouchers for the 37 properties in WAHC’s Nevada Project Based Section 8 portfolio. She also assists WAHC’s Contract Administrator and Compliance Auditor in fulfilling their tasks, as well as being a point of contact for voucher related issues and the Homeless Prevention Program.

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